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Every guitar deserves a good home

There’s no such thing as bad guitars, just badly looked after guitars. At Guitar Stand UK we want to put an end to the hurt felt by many guitars when knocked over or neglected in a corner. All guitars deserve to feel safe and even loved. I’m sure you care about your guitars like they are your babies (cos they are) but parenting can be difficult, there’s no manual. You can hear conflicting things about how best to protect your axes so here we’ve tried to give some advice based on our experience and knowledge.

Guitar Stand UK is a free site we set up to provide you with honest feedback, recommendations and reviews of guitar stands, guitar hangers, and guitar racks. We also look into advice on how to store your guitar and a range of other topics related to giving your guitar the home it deserves.

We have tried many Guitar Stands, hangers and racks throughout the years and hope to pass some of our knowledge on to you. Hope you enjoy the site.

Recommended Guitar Stands

A Frame Stand

RockJam A Frame Folding Guitar Stand for All Guitars in Black RockJam Aframe Guitar Stand

Tripod Stand

Hercules GS415B A/G Tripod Guitar Stand Foldable Neck AutoGrip hercules GS414B AG Quality Tripod Guitar Stand

Wall Hanger

Hercules Stands GSP38WB Plus AGS Guitar Wall Hanger with Wood Basehercules GSP38WB wooden guitar hanger

Multi Guitar Stand

Hercules GS432B Plus AGS Multi Guitar Tripod Stand for Three Guitarshercules GS432B plus tri multi guitar stand

Guitar Rack

Hercules GS525B Guitar Rack for 5 Guitars (Also Available for 3 Guitars)hercules GS525B guitar stand for 5 guitars

Electric Guitar Case

Gator GC Deluxe Molded Universal Case for Electric GuitarsGLEAM Aframe Guitar Stand

Why GSUK focus on Guitar Stands in the UK:

There are many suppliers and vendors on the market but seemed to be few ways for people to find out which ones are good and which ones are not. Of the advice there is out there most of it is aimed at the USA market, with prices in Dollars and sometimes not available in the UK. We wanted to create a site that would give advice for someone from the UK looking to find the best stands and what to look for when buying.

So we have focused on vendors and suppliers that are either based in the UK or that have a UK division. We have done this for a number of reasons:

  • Prices all in £ (GBP Sterling) - all products reviewed or recommended on the site are sold in £ so it is easier to know how much you will be spending and buy according to your budget. Means you don't have to calculate from a different currency or worry about currency fluctuations.
  • Quicker and easier deliveries - deliveries should come to your door quicker (many next day) and in many cases will be from vendors that have delivery tracking
  • Easier to sort out issues - Obviously we don't want anyone to experience any problems however even the best vendor may run into the odd problem. Using UK vendors means it should be easier to sort out should you get any issues or need to return the item
  • No customs or import tax to worry about

Guitar Storage

Guitar storage is something that I used to consider frankly too boring to really pay much attention to. That is until I damaged my first guitar and, like your first heartbreak, it stuck with me. If like me you have hurt your guitar before and want to avoid it happening again, or have a prized guitar (or many) and simply want to make sure it stays safe then you are in luck as there is some simple advice you can follow to ensure your axe is always in mint condition.

What’s best for me? - buyers guide

The best way to store your guitar does vary depending on your situation and priorities, for example if you play regularly you might want it very accessible, perhaps you play occasionally and just want it to be as safe as possible when not in use so protection is your best goal, maybe you have a guitar your really proud of and want it on display so aesthetics are super important. There is also the practical considerations of space as well, perhaps you have limited floor space but room on the walls or just need to store as many guitars in as small a space as possible.


If you want straight up the best protection while storing your guitar then the hardshell case wins hands down everytime. They provide a solid exterior with good interior padding while also providing insulation from humidity and temperature damage. After that for safe guitar storage I would say that a quality version of a guitar stand, hanger or rack also provide good solid protection. The lowest scorer on protection would be an Aframe guitar stand as they tend to be less stable and so the guitar will likely still fall if knocked but a quality tripod stand will give extra stability to protect from this. A gig bag will also supply some protection as many are padded but only from slight knocks and will still need to be stored properly.


For easy accessibility to your guitar then a stand, rack or hanger will all do the trick nicely. The only ones that limit this are hardshell cases or gig bags.


This is partly a personal thing but I would say that a guitar stand or hanger would be best. They display your guitar face out so you can see it in all its glory. Racks tend to store guitars on their side so aren't on show as much. In particular a wooden or quirky design can add well to the look of your pretty baby when youre not playing. Obviously cases and gig bags protect well but hide them from view and often don't look great.


If floor space is a premium then a guitar hanger or multiple guitar hangers can provide a good solution. Racks can also help store multiple guitars in a much smaller space than having multiple hangers or stands, albeit not as aesthetically.

For more information on this and details on things like temperature, humidity and string tension l I have written this article on how to best store a guitar long and short term that you might find useful.

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